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Online petition to oppose Microsoft billing changes

Resellers say a 20 per cent fee will have to be paid in order to retain month-to-month subscriptions An online petition opposing a proposed 20 per cent fee on monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions has attracted almost 1,000 signatures. Microsoft itself has not announced a fee of 20 per cent on flexible monthly billing, instead outlining […]

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Threat Report 2020

ESET researchers reveal the modus operandi of the elusive InvisiMole group, including newly discovered ties with the Gamaredon group. Original article available here: The InvisiMole Group is a threat actor operating since at least 2013, whose malware was first reported by ESET in 2018 in connection with targeted cyberespionage operations in Ukraine and Russia. […]

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What is phishing?
Have you ever received an email or electronic communication – seemingly coming from a bank or other trustworthy source – that requested you “confirm” your account credentials or other sensitive information?

If so, you already know one of the most common definitions of phishing.

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